Cleaning and Repair

At Service Course, we believe that offering pre-set packages is impossible. Every bike is unique and requires different handling. All our tune-up services start with a thorough cleaning of the drivetrain and the bike. The rest depends on the frequency of use and the type of bike.
Our tune-up workshop offers you a complete range of personalized services performed by our highly skilled mechanics.


We work at an hourly rate of $80. During the peak season, we operate by appointment only. This way, the tuning of your bike is typically completed within an average of two to three business days.
Here's an example of a basic tune-up for a non-problematic road bike: -Wash the bike and drivetrain -Thoroughly inspect the frame, spokes, and tires -Check the chain, bottom bracket bearings, headset, and wheel bearings -Lubricate the drivetrain -Adjust gears and brakes -Lubricate the chain and inflate the tires Total time: 1h15 $114.98 including taxes